CGS™ - CO2 Gas Stock

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The Type 1 is designed for use with M4 series AEG receivers that accept threaded buffer tubes such as the G&P R3 series and Umarex HK416A5. This is where the buffer tube itself threads into the receiver. (Modification of the gearbox is required)

The Type 2 is designed for use with traditional TM Spec M4 series AEG receives. This is where the buffer tube slides onto a stock tail on the back of the receiver and is secured by a bolt. (Modification of the receiver and gearbox is required)

If you are someone that has always wanted to have the performance and versatility of an HPA system but just couldn't bear the thought of being tethered to an airline or having a tank screwed into the back of your rifle, then the CGS™ was designed specifically with you in mind. Externally the CGS™ is manufactured using a real Milspec buffer tube blank which has been modified to conceal an adjustable regulator and CO2 cartridge which allows you to run your HPA system while retaining the same realistic appearance and the use of traditional Milspec buttstocks.

In order to offer the most realistic experience possible, the CGS™ buffer tube is machined from the same blank, using the same processes, and follows the same specifications as a Milspec buffer tube. This means the CGS is compatible with all Milspec AR stocks, but may not be compatible with some AEG stocks due to the lack of standardization between manufacturers. 

If there is a particular AEG stock that you would like to use and it will not fit on a standard Milspec buffer tube, please see the Universal Gas Stock. The UGS has the same CO2 options as the CGS, but in a modular configuration that has been designed to fit all Milspec stocks as well as most AEG stocks.

  • Includes CO2 insert (choice of 12g or 33g) castle nut and all mounting hardware.
  • Machined from a Milspec AR buffer tube blank.
  • Compatible with Milspec AR stocks.
  • Convertible between 12g and 33g cartridges through the use of interchangeable CO2 Inserts.
  • Average shot count using an F2™ at 1.5J w/ .28g and 6.05x380mm: 12g = ~180 shots, 33g = ~500 shots
  • Simple zip-tie lockout/tournament lock.
  • Incorporates PolarStar's proven compact regulator design which uses only 2 o-rings, promoting reliability and ease of maintenance.
  • Not compatible with Fusion Engine™.
  • *CO2 Cartridges & HP Spring Not Included


(No reviews yet) Write a Review